donderdag 24 oktober 2013

Little robot soldier (1/35)

I needed something to show the scale of +(deca)HELL (1/35), so I thought of adding a figure or something to the base. So I built a little robot soldier from some spare parts, inspired by a build by Francesco Benedettini, which in turn was inspired by something, but I forgot what.

I wanted to finish this in time for Scale Model Challenge, but didn't make it. Now it's practically done (well , built at least) but I think I'll make it part of something different. He doesn't really fit with big red.

woensdag 23 oktober 2013

Vehitle part III

Because I wanted the middle of the vehitle to be a bit wider, and because the leg wells needed more dept, I added some plastic around the leg wells to create a raised edge. This should also make for a nice shape when filled out with putty.

The rods are made from leftover sprue, about 3 mm thick.

Then drilled, sawed and sanded a hole for the cockpit. Where I also added walls from plastic card and added a chair (from a 1/20 racecar I think, doesn't fit 1/20 figures though...)

I started on a pilot using 1/24 legs and a 1/20 drivers torso that was quite small for the scale and fitted well with the legs.
He fits his chair, so it all works out  ^_^

Just some major gap filling and then it's on to puttying and mechanical detail, and maybe finishing the legs.

donderdag 17 oktober 2013

Vehitle part II

Started building some leg parts, made from 10 and 25 ml pipets. They were bent and gnarled with a lighter. These will be the lower leg parts that, when folded up, will face the outside. I need to find something for the upper leg, and something to make joints. 

Also found a decently sized ball, just needs some texture.

It needed some sort of suspension, something to keep it in place. After trying to make a ring myself, I found a 1/4 (I think) toy motorcross wheel, and the rim was just perfect. So I removed the spokes and figured outa way to keep it in place (foam block, plasticard, superglue :P ).
Also added the start of wheel wells.

I wonder what scale would look best, it's too small for 1/20 (and the driver won't fit anywhere), too big for 1/35, so it seems 1/24 is the only thing left...  oh well, it'll sort itself out.

dinsdag 15 oktober 2013

Scale Model Factory 2013

I went to Scale Model Factory last sunday, first time there (and only my second modelshow to be honest). I took some models with me, among which +(deca)HELL and a grosserhund inspired robot (bad dog).
Not much scifi sadly, but enough good stuff that I didn't think to win anything.

So I was very happy to take home a bronze medal for 'bad dog' and a silver for +(deca)HELL.

Really fun show, and great vendors too. Though I didn't buy much, just some tools and some painting stuff.

donderdag 10 oktober 2013

Weltenraum Nahkampf Gefechtseinheit Ausf. B 'Ollie' - part III

Glued it and sprayed it black.

Photo's don't really work, tried different backgrounds, this one is the best. Maybe my camera is simply shitty.

Building a base now to keep it in place during painting.

vrijdag 4 oktober 2013


There is an online contest over at gundamUK, named Level Up, and I thought I'd join in to clear some platsic from the stash and build something fun.  
The goal of the contest is to try and do something you aren't that good at, or haven't tried yet, to expand your skills. I figured it would be a good idea to enter something as finishing and painting something is already a bit beyond me :P
Also, I would like to try and make something with as little pieces of actual models as possible.
I have three small crates full of plastic stuff, eggs, mouses, asthma inhalers, spoons, balls etc.
But I hardly ever use them, because it's so much easier to just start from a kit and then add putty.
And my wife doesn't really appreciate me hoarding plastic I'm not using.

Anyway, I figured I'd try and make something like a vehitle, similar to these.

They are beetle-like, trackball tank with legs  (generally at least), one of the ideas of Kow Yokoyama if I'm not mistaking.

So I selected some stuff from my collection of stuff.

And then I started from the Mr. Potato Head and just added shapes that fitted well (had to cut the spoon handle) and looked right.
I used three computer mice (parts at least), Mr Potato Head, on large plastic spoon and some weird piece of which I have no idea what it was.

Now I just need to find a decent ball to use as trackball, find things for the six legs, and add plenty of putty and detail.

I can still switch it to a hover tank or spaceship, there's a hole in one end that would perfectly fit a thruster...
but I'll try and fit some legs first.