vrijdag 14 november 2014

Darmstadt Spacedays 2014 - an impression

In october I visited Darmstadt (in Germany) to go to the Darmstadt Spacedays. This is a scifi oriented convention with quite some models on display by various modellers. It's a small show with friendly attitude and great people. A large part of the Phoxim forum visits and some friends I know of facebook, Ma.k and scifi forums go there as well. This means a lot of beer every night and loads of fun ^_^

Sadly I forgot my camera, tried some pictures with my mobile, but the camera is slightly awful.
Some links to other (better) photos at the end.

I loved this one, a u-boot XXI I think, transformed into a racer. The wheels could be done better, but the idea it great.

It came with a small glass tank on wheels with floating motorcycles, really cool concept. Later he connected the two with a hose, but apparently I didn't make a picture.


1:1 R2 unit, it was lighted and also bleeped, booped and turned it head.

A very cool spaceship in progress, made mostly with casted parts the builders designed themselves.

Another 1:1 R2 unit, this one didn't really do anything except look cool, I guess the succes of the movies went to its head.
It was build in 24 hours by a British guy and his son and they previously also built 1:1 Wall-E and Eve models.

They brought the Eve and Wall-E the next day after people kept bugging them about it

1:1 Toothless, this one was brought in from a cinema and was huge!

Spaceship by the glues brothers, these guys are brilliant at designing, redesigning and detailing spaceships. Serious studio worthy models.
On top of that they are great guys too.

This one was scratchbuild according to the owner, really looked the part.

Custom version in Bavarian army uniform (I had to be told, thought it was a french uniform ^_^)

This one is a Hasbro toy conversion, it had lights, sounds and was able to move the wings. Electronics were done by Helios Lighting, but can't find the website at teh moment. They have some great lighting kits for spaceships.

Studio scale Narcissus, really, really awesome. It was brought by Lee Stringer, who is an animator director and studio scale model builder. It's mostly done, just tons of small details needed.

Some amazing models by Stefan Hacker, the master of X-wing modelling.

The Hackermeister himself

One of the best explosion effects I've seen in this scale, and it's just cotton and glue...
Looks ugly as hell when the lights are turned off, but with the light, awesome!

And some photos of my stuff (I had a small table) I borrowed from other people

Of course no show is complete without damaged models, the Wienerworner broke both his legs on one of the more bumpy roads... 
It's not that great a model, but still anoying.

Some links to more (and better) pictures: