maandag 30 september 2013

1/24 hovercar thingy - Red ones go faster

The plan:

Inspired by the weird red flyers of the last exile model expo a while back in japan. Most of those were red with gold decals. Lacking decals I used gold filigree stickers for making cards.
Pretty happy with the look, just wished I could find some larger design for the nose. But this'll work.

maandag 16 september 2013

1/24 hovercar thingy

I didn't feel like painting Ollie, nor did I want to finish one of the other old projects. 
So I decided to follow Marcel du Long's example; build something quick and easy from a small scale battleship kit.
I figured such a build would be good for the building stamina. Start it, finish it, no hassle.

Sadly, this also meant it was quickly built, so I have little in the way of WIP pictures.

I used an old Aurora 1/600 enterprise kit, turned upside down for the hull. With a 1/32 p38 cockpit for the, well, cockpit.

Then I filled up the hull with (mostly) a 1/87 revell BigBoy locomotive, all holes that were left were filled with leftovers from this locomotive and some random stuff from the bitsbox. 
I think there's 1/48 jeep parts in there, 1/24 and 1/20 engine parts, 1/35 calliope rockets and 1/32 stuka cockpit details.
Basically just needs some antennas on the lowerside, some cockpit parts  and a pilot of course (both donated from 1/24 FW190).
Someone suggested it looks like a vanship, but I don't think I can add the weird propulsion system those things have.

Apparently the Aurora enterprise kit I had is a quite rare and expensive kit... Good way to use them I say!

donderdag 12 september 2013

Plastic crack from all over the world

 Last weekend I got a package from Germany, and in it were gifts from friends. Two Ma.k suits (an AFS and a Raccoon) as well as a surprise from Charley (all the way from New York) and some beautifully casted parts from Andreas who lives in Germany.
Andreas was also so kind to provide me with an 1/6th scale MG34 and German WW2 Helmet. I'll use the MG34 to finally give Fred a gun so I can finish him.

Two old school Ma.k kits, with the quite rare raccoon in it ^_^

Resin parts,mostly engine parts, I'm so happy Andreas included these, as I never have enough engine parts.

A surprise from Charley, a beautiful tie, which I'm pretty sure I'll need sooner than I'd like.

More plastic crack for me! ^_^