donderdag 21 augustus 2014

Wienerworner Martian Scout

After a long hiatus, I needed something to shift back into gear, luckily I found this picture:

No idea what it is, but the shape is fun so let's do this!
Of course I'll drop the bird, looks crazy.

Sadly, it was a 4 hour (rather frantic) build, so no real work in progress pictures...
All sorta stuff was thrown in, from jojo's to spoons to bombs and engines.

Most armour pieces were texture with MR surfacer 500, detail pictures after painting.

And some basic paints:

And all the armour slapped on:

I imagine this to be some sort of scout, not sure about the scale yet, 1/72 or 1/48 seems to work best.
Maybe it's a worker vehicle? who knows! 
Slapping on oils now, let's see how it turns out.