woensdag 15 oktober 2014

Wienerworner Martian Scout Part II


Starting to look good, but needed some red
So, more washes

And taking them off again with some cotton buds

Repeat until satisfied

But still thought it lacked some colour, and dust, it needs more dust.

dinsdag 14 oktober 2014

Ma.k VelociRaptor - Updated WIP photos

Based on the excellent Java build I wanted to make a dino-SAFS
It is a sort of opposite of the grosserhund, though smaller and stockier.
I used a WAVE/Nitto Firebal SG that I bought for a steal. I wanted to make a lunar, or at least space version of build Java made.
I tried to use as much of the same kit as possible, but needed to make the head from scratch and the lower legs come from a failed attempt at a nightstalker.

Not much in the way of work in progress, it was pretty straightforward, all parts were filled with resin to enable me to string them together on a piece of 2mm soldering wire. Tail and neck were made with bundles of copper wire and then covered with paper and glue (as were the joints) in an attempt at making easier joint covers. 
Do not do this, it failed miserably. 
The joints did not have any strength and I had to keep on fixing it until it was glued stable to the base, then only the arms still gave grief.

*14-11-2014 Update! I found some pictures of the unpainted model I knew I had, but couldn't find ^_^
Not the best pictures, but better than nothing.

Primer time:

Some fake nails were used for the tail and neck armour, I hope my wife doesn't miss them.

Then some layers of paint, with subsequent removal using water and a stiff brush.

Next up is camo, weathering and detailing. Not too happy about the colour though.