woensdag 10 juni 2015

Robot Battle V MK44 in progress - Red Lobster Quasimodo From The Future!

After a long wait, mister MK44 finally gets some painting done. Meaning I can get some practice.
Decided to use enamel and lacquers with mr levelling thinner.
Started with the MK44 in black (spraybomb) and then roughly added a layer (or more in places) of dark brown.

Then I added some lighter brown, more or less randomly brushed on, intentionally a bit splotchy.
this should serve as a tone modulator thingy for the top colour.
I'm not making this up, though I am trying stuff I never did before ^_^

Add some red and stuff gets interesting. Obviously more coats are needed, many more. But the overal effect is quite lovely. Still just using enamels with mr levelling thinner, works a charm and dries really quickly due to the thinner.

the effect of the undercoats is really amazing, this being about the fifth model I ever painted, I'm quite amazed. Just need it a bit more red and a bit less uneven.

Of course, the thinner stuff reeks and is hardly any good for my health, let alone the asthmatics I have living in the house. therefore I work in a small paintbooth/spraybooth with quite the strong extraction fan and a very professional looking ventilation tube ^_^

I painted the undercoats with my own brushes (marterhaired) then switched to a new brush for the red. This I got from Charley of JSAN9 fame.
It's really a great brush, not sure if it's the hair type (no idea which type either) or the fact the hairs are almost twice as long as on my other brushes, but it painted way better and softer. I need more!

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