donderdag 4 december 2014

Robot Battle V MK44 in progress - Heavy Texture Knight

Forgot to make photos of the steps in between....
Added a heavy texture coat on about every part. I loved the effect it had on the PKA I did earlier and wished to replicate this. Just applied it with a sponge and then sanded it down a bit until it was about 0.5mm thick.
Some parts have a smoother texture (Mr.Surfacer 500) or no texture for some diversity, but mostly heavy texture.

All the armour parts yet to go.
I decided to close this model completely, and the texture was great help in smoothing the fit issues on the engine cover. 
The placements for the rivets were marked by drilling them before applying the texture so I could find them after. Weld lines to be added on many parts and them it'll be boxed until I can find the will to paint it ^_^

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